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What You Should Know About Granite

What You Should Know About Granite

Granite has long reigned supreme as the consumer favorite for countertops. Our team at Stone Restoration Works brings many granite surfaces back to life every year. Which is just to say that we have the inside scoop on this natural stone, and we want to share it with you! Here are a few things that we think you should know about granite.


Because of the way that this stone is quarried and prepared, no two slabs are identical. While some people do not appreciate the speckled qualities of granite, that is exactly what others are drawn to. Many feel that the layers of different colors that granite has means that regardless of if your kitchen style changes over time, your granite counters will still compliment it. From inky black, to sparkling white, to marble blue, granite is available in a near limitless array of colors and styles.


Probably the main reason that granite is so beloved is due to its durability. Granite counters are likely to survive as long as your house will. You can place a hot pan on top without fear of damage. Likewise, if you drop something heavy on it, you do not have to fear chips and cracks since this stone is incredibly tough. Where granite comes up a little short, however, is its susceptibility to staining. Granite by nature is a porous stone. To stave off staining, it is important to have your granite sealed regularly, which is something Stone Restoration Works is happy to help with.


The next factor to consider when it comes to granite is the cost. As with anything, granite prices fall on a spectrum. You can easily spend thousands on a premium slab, but thanks to modern quarrying methods, granite is not nearly as expensive as was once believed. But even if granite might cost you a bit more up front compared to other countertop options, when you factor in its longevity, it can be less expensive in the long run.

In conclusion, granite is a wonderful natural stone choice for your countertops. If down the line you find your granite counters in need of replacing or repairing, give Stone Restoration Works a call.

By Stone Restoration Works 5-4-2022