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Preemptive Steps to Maintain Granite Countertops

Preemptive Steps to Maintain Granite Countertops

When looking to upgrade the kitchen, many people opt for granite countertops. Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns making it easy to find a style that suits you. Selecting granite for your countertops can also prove to be an excellent investment because with proper care, they can last for decades, still looking as beautiful as the day you got them. Although your granite countertops may be quite durable, it is still wise to take preemptive steps to protect them from damage. Stone Restoration Works wants to help. That is why we have provided some helpful tips on how to properly protect your granite.

Whether it’s because you’re rushing on the go or simply have a clumsy moment, spills happen. Especially in the kitchen. Because granite can tend to be absorbent, it is best to try to clean the spill relatively quickly. Spills are not the only danger to your granite though. Another danger to be aware of are wet containers, such as olive oil bottles. Bottles such as these can be a challenge to keep completely dry, usually you will notice a layer of oil on the bottom of the bottle. This is a good example of something you may want to keep on a shelf rather than your countertop. When it comes to sanitizing, simply cleaning your granite surface with soap and water should suffice. Beware of using harsh cleaning chemicals though. These chemicals can strip off the sealant, leaving the porous surface of your granite exposed and susceptible to staining, fading and other unwanted problems.

When preparing food, you may want to consider using a cutting board for the bulk of this task. This will protect both your countertops and your knives. Try to avoid things like leaving olive oil bottles, sprinkling olive oil, or placing meat directly onto your countertops. Doing so will prevent meat from leaving bacteria in the pores of your granite and from oils and acidic ingredients from staining your stone. And although placing a hot pan directly on your countertop will not create a burn or cause “thermal shock”, we recommend you use a trivet to prevent grit that may be trapped between the pan and granite from causing scratches and pitting.

Ultimately, with proper care granite is a stylish and durable stone for your countertops. If, however, you find that your granite has lost its luster or needs a little TLC, please contact Stone Restoration Works so we can return your granite back to its original beauty!

By Stone Restoration Works 5-7-2019