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We Do Large Scale Commercial Work Too

We Do Large Scale Commercial Work Too

Commercial projects provide special challenges. This is a lobby of a very busy downtown hotel. One of the challenges on this project is that we had to work over night to minimize impact to the customer. We were on this project for a full week. Sunday night through thursday night starting at 10:30 and working through to 5:30 am we refinished and polished a 3000sf lobby, four restrooms, a stairwell and 6 elevator floors.

It was a daunting project made more dificult by a party held in the lobby on Thursday night which we had to work around.

It had been a long time since this marble had been restored so it took extra time to really get the scratches and etches out of the marble. Once we did it polished really well.

By Josh Huseby 7-11-2017