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Uses for Terrazzo

Uses for Terrazzo

Terrazzo, the come-back kid. Particularly popular in the 1970’s, this style of stone has been seen seemingly everywhere lately. Maybe even a few terrazzo inspired things have made it into your home Pinterest board. The team here at Stone Restorations Works definitely can appreciate a good terrazzo piece. If you are not familiar with this type of stone, however, allow us to highlight some of the reasons you should be.

Terrazzo is a delightfully unique surface, because unlike stones such as marble and granite, terrazzo is actually made up of different bits and pieces in order to create the finished product. First coming on the scene by the Venetians 1500 years ago, marble workers began placing leftover marble chips into clay for the terraces around their own homes. Talk about resourceful!

Today, terrazzo typically consists of bits of glass, quartz, granite, marble, and more. To bond these beautiful bits together, Portland cement or epoxy is used.

If you are wanting to incorporate terrazzo into your home, the only thing holding you back is your imagination. Terrazzo can be either precast or poured into place. Just think about how stunning a terrazzo accent wall would be or how dazzling it would look as a countertop.

Terrazzo is also very versatile. It can easily come in pleasantly neutral tones, or bold styles. Although it is very graphic, it has an amazing ability to fit well with any piece of furniture. So, do not be afraid of its inherently eclectic appearance.

Terrazzo care is a lot like that of marble and travertine. If you choose to use this style of stone, be aware that it is prone to acid etching and scratching. If you follow the guidelines we have set out in our blog, How Do You Take Care of Terrazzo, you will be well equipped to do so.

Has this artsy stone won you over yet? If so, we would love to help you install a floor or any other surface you would like, to showcase your terrazzo. Before all is said and done, we will help you to know just how to care for it and we will be ready to help refinish it years down the line.

By Stone Restoration Works 8-29-2019