Professional Stone Cleaning

Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Terrazzo, and more.

Stone Surface Services Cleaning

There are three components to successfully cleaning any surface 1) Chemical 2) Agitation 3) Heat. We come in when the soiling on your floor or countertop has gone beyond what normal maintenance can handle successfully.

We are able to use a variety of techniques to successfully clean your floor, countertop or shower, depending on the surface and degree of soiling. Regardless of the area or surface being cleaned we first pre-treat the area with an environmentally safe degreaser which emulsifies soils. The key to successful emulsification is dwell time. Once the proper dwell time has been allowed for, we begin the agitation and extraction phase of the cleaning process.

Our commercial grade hard surface cleaner is capable of producing 250 degree water. For floors we use a special rotary spinner tool that applies pressurized, heated water to the floor while a heavy duty vacuum simultaneously pulls the heated water and emulsified soil solution off the surface. Using this system we are also able to adjust the pressure so that grout and tile will not be damaged.

This system allows us to clean your floors tile and grout efficiently and effectively. We always clean from edge to edge ensuring that no part of the floor is left soiled.

Once the floor and grout lines are clean and dry we will apply sealer to the tile and grout, limiting the possibility of future permanent discoloration from soils. We provide each of our customers with the option of color sealing their grout to ensure perfect grout uniformity.

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