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A Guide to Natural Stone Finishes

A Guide to Natural Stone Finishes

Your natural stone countertops, backsplashes, and shower walls all go through a process to achieve their final look. When initially pulled from a quarry, precious stone materials are rough and unrefined; not something you want to put in your home. In order for them to become their most beautiful form, natural stone needs to be processed and finished. The finish that a stone ends up with can vary, and that can ultimately change the final look as well. If you are curious to know what the different finishing options are and what the terms mean, keep reading.


If you want a classy, elegant look from your stone, a polished finish is what you want. A polished finish is the best one to highlight the veining and unique characteristics of the natural stone. At Stone Restoration Works, we use diamond embedded grinding pads and a high-powered machine in combination to hone and polish your stone until your desired level of glossiness has been achieved. You should be able to see reflections in your stone when we are through.


Honed, satin, and matte are all interchangeable finish terms. A honed finish is less refined than polished. It is great when you want a softer and more velvety appearance. Honed finishes are also great if you want to create a more slip resistant surface. Honed finishes require less time to achieve than a polished look as well.


If you love the look of stone that has been worn and shaped by its surroundings throughout the centuries, a skilled technician will be able to replicate this look for you. Also known as a brushed finish, this finish is achieved by using wire wheels and brushes to create layers of microscopic scratches. The end result is a unique piece of stone that is still smooth to the touch.


Custom finishes can also be achieved if you have a unique request. For example, a logo can be etched into the stone surface.

Your natural stone surfaces are precious. Do not let just anyone handle them. When you need a new finish or need a repair, trust our master craftsman here at Stone Restoration Works.

By Stone Restoration Works 12-1-2021