Commercial & Hospitality Tile Maintenance in Denver, CO

Stone Surface Services Commercial & Hospitality

Natural stone surfaces can be very difficult to maintain in high trafficked areas such as hotel lobbies and bathrooms. Especially after a typical Colorado winter with customers and visitors tracking grit and snow melt and dragging luggage across the floors. And as much as we would like guests and customers to treat the surfaces they walk across and use as if they are their own, we all know that they do not.

In addition to much more severe use that would be experienced in a residential setting, there are unique concerns to consider when servicing the hospitality industry. We often must set a work schedule that has as little impact on guests as possible. The last thing that we want is for the guests to feel our presence.

Our clients include The Four Seasons, The Ritz Carleton, DTC Hyatt, The Warwick Hotel and a lot more. We have also worked in several large commercial and office buildings throughout the Denver Metro Area. Call us today to discuss how we can serve your needs in maintaining, restoring or cleaning your natural stone and tile and grout services.

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