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Is Grout Important

Is Grout Important

At Stone Restoration Works, we service all sorts of natural stone in all sorts of applications, including natural stone tiles. In addition to caring for and repairing your stone tiles, we also can repair and clean your grout as well. But many wonder what grout is all about. Is it essential? Afterall, it can become a bit of an eye sore overtime if it begins to crumble and fall out or become dingy and discolored. So, why exactly is it so important to tile? Keep reading to find out.

Prevents Damage to Tiles

Number one, grout works to prevent damage to your tile and whatever base your tiles are backed against. It does this by providing a buffer in between tiles so that they do not shift and rub against one another. If tiles are allowed to bump against each other, overtime this can weaken them and ultimately cause them to chip and crack. So, the presence of grout helps to keep tiles from shifting. And in areas that experience a lot of water exposure, grout also works to keep that water from reaching your wall and causing damage, rot, or mold.

Creates a Finished Look

Tile and grout work in tandem to create one cohesive look. Without grout, no matter how well the tile is laid, there will still be unsightly gaps in between each tile. Grout fills those gaps, hides tile imperfections, and brings everything together. In addition, grout is also available in a wide range of colors. Allowing you to choose a complimentary shade to help highlight the beauty of your tile.

Makes Cleaning Easier

But cleaning grout is such a chore, you may be thinking. And of course, with anything, you do need to clean it regularly to maintain its integrity and keep it looking nice. But imagine how difficult it would be to clean in between tile lines without grout. Without grout, you are left with the perfect little pockets for all sorts of gunk and grime to settle into. Grout is your friend in this regard.

As you can see, grout plays an essential role in maintaining the beauty and longevity of your tiles. If you want to prevent stubborn dirt and grime from settling into your grout, however, regular cleaning and sealing can help. Give Stone Restoration Works a call for a free evaluation. Be sure to inquire about epoxy grout as well for an easier to clean grout option.

By Stone Restoration Works 2-10-2021