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Chip Repair for Natural Stone

Chip Repair for Natural Stone

When you have natural stone in your home there is going to be times where you get nicks and chips in your natural stone. Stone Restoration Works has seen all types of damage done to natural stone. From chips and cracks to whole chunks breaking off. No matter what the situation may be, we have been able to fix almost any natural stone to look like new again. However, if you’ve just got this one chip in your countertops and are a professional do-it-yourselfer then this is the blog for you! We want to take you step by step on how to fix a chip in your natural stone.

The first step you’re going to want to take is to clean the chip and the surrounding surface. An ammonia-based cleaner is going to give you the best results. After you have thoroughly cleaned the surface and dried it you’re ready to move onto the next step. You’ll want to set yourself up to get an even surface for the glue. Taking some painters tape and place strips just surrounding the chip. Once you have accomplished that, you’ll then be in a better position to keep the glue contained. The next step is going to require a good eye and patience. You’ll now want to squeeze the glue into the chip slowly so that you don’t cause it to go higher than intended.

Depending on the glue that you get, specified for chips in natural stone, you’ll want to wait the allotted drying time specified on the instructions. If it doesn’t say, then wait a full 24 hours. If you have kiddos or are forgetful, make sure you take the needed precautionary measures and make everyone in the house fully aware they cannot touch the specified area. After you have allowed it to dry, it's time to take the tape off and put the finishing touches on it. Scrape the excess with a blade. Be careful with the blade, you can scratch the surface depending on the type of natural stone.

This might seem like a lot of work and maybe it's even a little daunting. If you feel under qualified to fix a couple of chips, make sure to call us today! We can bring it back to life and make sure that your natural stone is looking as beautiful as the day it was first installed. Our repair services don’t just stop at chips though, we can fix cracks as well as shattered pieces of natural stone.

By Stone Restoration Works 2-12-2019