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Advantages and Disadvantages to Marble

Advantages and Disadvantages to Marble

As professionally trained stone maintenance technicians, Stone Restoration Works specializes in the cleaning and restoration of natural stone. One common stone type, often used as flooring and countertops, is marble. This natural surface is a stunning addition to any home but it is important to understand what maintenance is neededto preserve its charm.

Marble is a beautiful stone. Its unique way of being created is what makes it so beautiful. It’s formed from either dolomite rock or limestone that is subjected to extreme heat and pressure. With these conditions, it causes the rock to transform, creating the distinctive veining that makes marble--marble.

If you are thinking of putting marble into your home, here are some advantages and disadvantages to this stone.


  1. Because of the veining in the marble, marble flooring can show a design pattern that is elegant and can give your home a very appealing look
  2. Marble has an everlasting appeal. Marble does not go out of style. Wherever you are deciding of putting it in your home it will bring your home a good value for the resale of your house.
  3. The marble white color cannot be matched by any granite.
  4. Since marble is a widely available stone, it is one that is less expensive than other natural stones.


  1. If deciding on marble floors-only skilled technicians and laborers can install these floors because of the skill needed. This will add to the price that it takes for marble but the marble will look exquisite with the professional installation.
  2. Marble is known to be extremely heavy. Therefore, you need to make sure wherever you are deciding to put the marble in your home, that it is strong enough.
  3. Marble is a calcareous stone and is susceptible to acid etching. It’s generally soft so it may be easily scratched.
  4. All stone flooring needs a good amount of maintenance. It is the same with marble in the home. Marble maintenance, along with all stone maintenance, requires skilled professionals so that the cleaning process can be done with the highest degree of efficiency.*

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If you chose to have marble in your home—no matter where you decide to put it—Stone Restoration Works is here for you. Floors, vanities, or countertops can be made like new with Stone Restoration Works 5-Step Process.

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By Stone Restoration Works 3-9-2021