Stone Surface Honing in Denver, CO

Stone Surface Services Honing

Honing describes any finish that does not meet the standards for a polish. While we can achieve any level of hone that a customer requests, we have broken honing into two categories. To compare a honed finish with a polish, per our definition, one would need a wider angle from a light source to see a reflection. The two levels of hone we offer are Matte and Satin.

Matte is the lowest level of hone, typically left at a 200 to 400 grit finish. This finish should look clean and even across the entire surface. Looking straight down from a standing position, light sources, if visible at all, will look to be a soft glow on the stone.

Satin is the next finish level and can be likened to as 1800 grit finish. At this finish the angle to see a reflection is tighter. When looking straight down vague details of the light source may be discernable. (i.e. the outline of a ceiling light can or vague outline of a lightbulb)

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