Stone Surface Refinishing in Denver, CO

Stone Surface Services Refinishing

Refinishing natural stone is the most common service we perform for our customers. Refinishing becomes necessary when cleaning cannot restore a surface equal to, or better than, its original appearance.

It is important to remember that acid etches and scratches cannot be cleaned off any surface. The only way to successfully remove these is through the diamond refinish process. Etches and scratches are the most common issues we are called to resolve with floors, countertops and showers.

The good news is these issues are really superficial to the stone and as such, the amount of actual stone lost to the refinishing process is nearly imperceptible. We tell our customers that the diamond refinish process is just the same as sanding wood.

When sanding wood, a low grit sand paper is used to remove the imperfection and successive grits are used to refine the surface restoring it to a smooth unblemished state. With natural stone instead of using carbide sand paper we use diamond impregnated epoxy resin abrasives to remove the imperfection then a succession of grits to refine the surface in preparation for the final finish. Unlike wood, we use water so the process is not dusty and minimally invasive to your living space.

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