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Stone Restoration Works Stone Types


Granite has become an immensely popular material in homes and businesses, especially for countertops. It is naturally very dense and hard which makes it difficult to scratch. Polished granite also has a very high surface tension, which makes it naturally resistant to moisture penetration and staining.
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Marble is considered a metamorphosed limestone. From a flooring and refinishing perspective it is in the same family as travertine, limestone and onyx. It is a very popular stone type for floors and vanities. As a calcareous stone, it is susceptible to acid etching. It is generally soft so it may be easily scratched.
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Similar to marble, travertine is a metamorphosed limestone that typically forms near a natural hot spring. As the travertine develops, escaping gasses fill the stone with voids and air pockets. These voids occur naturally in travertine throughout the stone.
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Limestone is a calcareous stone similar to marble and travertine. As such, it is susceptible to acid etching and finish degradation from soiling. Limestone is most often left with a matte finish, but can be polished like any other stone.
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Slate is a very dense type of natural stone that comes mostly in dark grays. It is often formed in large, flat sheets. The density makes it resistant to damage and moisture.
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Terrazzo is a unique surface originally invented by the Venetians 1500 years ago. It was created by chance when Venetian marble workers began setting discarded chips from slab marble in clay to surface the terraces around their own homes.
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