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Natural Stone Fireplace Cleaning

Natural Stone Fireplace Cleaning

It has been a cold few months here in Colorado! With fireplaces on the clock creating cozy living room scenes, don’t forget to give your natural stone fireplace some TLC in between uses. Proper cleaning will ensure that the only thing coming from your fireplace is warmth. Here’s how to keep your natural stone fireplace spic and span.

Natural Stone Fireplace Cleaning Tips

First of all, how often should you clean your stone fireplace? A good rule of thumb is to give your fireplace a good cleaning before you begin using it for the season, after you are done using it for the season, and anytime you notice build-up inside the fireplace or outside of it on the stones themselves.

Fireplace cleaning is a messy job, so take the necessary preparations before you begin to minimize cleanup time. Cover floors, walls, and any nearby furniture with plastic to keep them free of soot.

It is also important to not neglect your PPE. Protect your eyes, hands, and lungs by donning gloves, safety glasses, and a mask.

For light build-up, mixing some warm water and dish soap should prove effective. For tougher, stubborn build-up, Trisodium Phosphate Powder or TSP is generally recommended. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix up a TSP solution that will bust up smoke stains and creosote.

Once you have your cleaning solution prepped and ready to go, remove any debris you can with your hands. Then, using a stiff wire brush, begin scrubbing the grates, firebox, and surround with the cleaning solution.

Once you have made a sufficient effort at scrubbing with the cleaner, wipe down grates, the firebox, and surround with water. Dry the entire fireplace with a clean rag.

After completing this process, you will have dislodged debris and soot. Clear this away with a good vacuuming.

If your fireplace is especially dirty, you may need to complete this process a second time.

And there you have it! Whether your stone fireplace is located indoors, outdoors, or both, regular cleanings will keep them both beautiful and operational.

If you think that your natural stone fireplace surround needs a little more TLC than you can give, let Stone Restoration Works come out and give it some attention. From restoration to cleaning, we will care for all your natural stone needs.

By Stone Restoration Works 1-3-2023