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How Do You Take Care of Terrazzo

There are a lot of different stones out there. Many people prefer natural stones in their home but there are some who prefer terrazzo because of its durability. There are many pros and cons to this type of flooring. We want to help you understand the process involved, how to maintain it, and what can be done to make it like new again. Stone Restoration Works knows much about the different types of stone, those both natural and manmade.

What is terrazzo? This is a type of flooring that is a layer of dyed concrete with glass and marble pieces on top. After it has been laid, it is giving time to cure and dry properly. Once this has taken place, the concrete is then polished and sealed. There are a few more intricacies that are involved in the process, but this is the gist of it. Additional there are three different types of terrazzo: traditional terrazzo, polyacrylate terrazzo, and epoxy terrazzo. The difference between them all is the process and the type of materials used in the underlayment.

When it comes to maintaining terrazzo flooring you will need to make sure that you keep the dirt and grit off it. This can scratch the floor if you don’t keep up with it. You can use a broom or vacuum. If you’re going to go the vacuum route, then make sure it isn’t one with a beater bar in it because it doesn’t pick it up very well. Instead of picking it up it drags it across the floor, making room for more opportunities to scratch the floor. You will additionally want to mop it once a you have thoroughly swept up all the grit. When it comes to cleaners you will need to make sure that they are approved for stone or terrazzo and that it is rinsed well.

If you have had it for years and it has started to look dulled or scratched, then don’t worry. Here at Stone Restoration Works we can refinish your floors, remove scratches and etching, and even repair holes, broken pieces, and metal strips. This will make your home look like new again, causing your floor to shine as the day it was installed. Call us today if you need any restoration services to your flooring! We provide free home estimates!

By Stone Restoration Works 1-15-2019