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About Us

Owners Josh and Veronica Huseby and the kids, Levi and Mila

This is our family at Grand Lake in the fall of 2014. Together we make up the ownership of Stone Restoration Works. The text below is a brief story about the company that was published in Douglas County Living, a magazine for residents of Douglas County, in February of 2015

It is often said that football is the ultimate team sport. For a team to be successful coordinated effort, training and communication are vital. If just one member of the team does not fulfill their responsibility the whole team risks failure. For Josh and Veronica Huseby, owners of Stone Restoration Works, the same can certainly be said for small business ownership.

Stone Restoration Works specializes in natural stone cleaning, refinishing, repair and maintenance no matter where it is in your home or business and they have been doing so up and down the Front Range since 2010. That was the year the Mr. Huseby traded in a desk and a telephone with a job in corporate America for a grinder, a squirt bottle and small business ownership.

“People compromise,” Mr. Huseby said. “Stone never does.”

Since then Stone Restoration Works has become the metro area’s leader in natural stone care. Success whether it is in business or on a football field is never a solitary accomplishment a fact stressed by Mr. Huseby.

“From the beginning this has been a family operation,” Mr. Huseby said. “From answering phone calls to delivering a successful project none of it is possible without the support of our family.”

According to Mr. Huseby the most common surfaces that they work on is travertine floors and granite countertops.

“We have repaired, cleaned and refinished natural stone everywhere,” Mr. Huseby said. “Showers, bathroom vanities, outdoor tables, and patios you name it and we’ve worked on it.”

Refinishing and polishing natural stone is not something children grow up dreaming about doing as an adult but for Mr. Huseby seeing the transformation in project is incredibly rewarding.

“It’s great,” Mr. Huseby said. “I love being able to walk across a travertine floor and to be able to say to my customer that without a doubt this will look as good if not better than it did when it was brand new.”

In the five years that Stone Restoration Works has been serving the greater metro area Mr. Huseby has been able to expand his reach beyond the state of Colorado. He has helped teach stone restoration seminars all over the country and has participated in national conferences speaking on natural stone restoration. Whether talking locally to a homeowner or to a colleague about how to restore stone Mr. Huseby stresses the importance of details.

“I always tell our technicians to go slow to go fast. We focus on the details from masking walls and cabinets through to the end of a completed project,” Mr. Huseby said.

Mrs. Huseby didn’t immediately join her Husband she spent the formative years of the business managing apartment complexes. Quickly an increasing work load for Stone Restoration Works and the demands of raising two children made it necessary for her to join the family business. Though she is a more recent addition to the Stone Restoration Works team there is no mistake about who the boss is.

“I am,” Mrs. Huseby said.”

By Josh Huseby 1-11-2017

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