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Stone Restoration Works in Greenwood Village, CO

Stone Restoration Works in Greenwood Village, CO is here to offer our services for all your natural stone needs. We offer repairs, cleaning, polishing, protecting and restoration of all-natural stone. There are three components to successfully cleaning any surface 1) Chemical 2) Agitation 3) Heat. We come in when the soiling on your floor or countertop has gone beyond what normal maintenance can handle successfully. We can use a variety of techniques to successfully clean your floor, countertop or shower, depending on the surface and degree of soiling. The chemical we use is environmentally safe so that no one is harmed when using the product or inhaling the products.

This process and approach are appealing to homeowners across the board. We don’t just address the needs of your natural tile needing some help, but also your concerns about the effects of chemicals. As a family owned business with little ones of our own, we make sure to address those concerns at the outsetof the process. Our job is to show you all our cards so that you know we are a company that you can trust.

What does this all mean? Put simply, it means that if you have natural stone then you should give us a call today! Whether you need it restored or just cleaned, we want to help. This will help ensure that it is healthy and beautiful for years to come. If you don’t want to call though just fill out our online request form, and we will call you!

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