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Stone Restoration Works in Englewood, CO

When stone repairing or polishing issues become too much for you to handle alone, Stone Restoration Works in Englewood, CO is here to offer a solution. Refinishing natural stone is the most common service we perform for our customers. Refinishing becomes necessary when cleaning cannot restore a surface equal to, or better than, its original appearance. If this describes the natural stone that you have in your home, then don’t wait any longer to get it looking like it was the day that you bought your house.

The process that we use comes directly from the best and that is Italy itself. We made it our mission to know exactly how to restore and repair such precious natural stone the correct way. Our feelings about this are so strong that we flew over to Italy ourselves and took classes from the experts there. We thenbrought the same techniques and process back home to Englewood, CO. Our customers have been able to clearly see the difference that comes with our craftsmanship.

If you’re interested in getting your natural stone refinished or even just cleaned, then call Stone Restoration Works today! The first step in the process is to set up a time for a free evaluation. We come to your home and only need about 15-20 minutes to go over what you want. Afterwards we set up a time and day to come back with the right materials and time. Don’t wait another moment, fill out ouronline request form!

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