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Tile and Grout Sealing

Regardless of the type of surface it is being applied to there are two general categories of sealer. 1) Penetrating and 2) Film forming. Penetrating sealers are the most common type applied to both grout and natural stone. Film forming sealers are essentially topical waxes. We very rarely apply this type of sealer to any floor because of the general poor result of applying this sealer. It is important to note that penetrating sealers are really moisture repellants. These types of sealers are designed to slow down penetrating agents. For grout our standard operating procedure is to always apply a sealer either clear penetrating sealer or color sealer.

The clear sealer is most commonly used on lightly soiled grout. Heavily soiled grout, even after the soil has been removed, may remain slightly discolored in higher traffic areas. This discoloration is staining left behind by heavy soils.

For floors with heavily soiled and discolored grout we color seal the grout. By applying color seal we can completely change the grout color and ensure complete uniformity in grout appearance across the entire floor.

Tile and Grout Services