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Tile and Grout Repairs

GROUT REPAIR: It is not uncommon for grout to become damaged over time. Traffic and exposure to corrosive chemicals and water can cause grout to crack and break down. Another common reason for grout damage is slight movement in loose and hollow tiles. As the tiles move the grout cracks and loosens between the tiles. We are able to remove the cracked broken and pitted grout from floors counter tops and showers and install brand new color matched grout. It doesn’t matter the type of grout or area we can repair it. In extreme cases we can regrout entire installations.

TILE REPAIR: From time to time floor and wall tiles can become loose and or crack. For natural stone tiles we can often fill the crack with a color matched resin that, although still visible, appears to be a vein in the stone.

In the case of severely damaged stone and ceramic and porcelain we are often called upon to remove and replace the tile entirely. When this is necessary we pull the tile from the floor, clean the subsurface, apply new motor, reset a replacement tile the regrout with a color matched grout to complete the repair.

Tile and Grout Services