Natural Stone Refinishing and Polishing, CO Stone Restoration Works

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Stone Restoration Works is the expert in natural stone repair, polishing, sealing and refinishing in Denver CO. No one knows natural stone care in Denver Colorado like our master craftsmen. All of our craftsmen have been through extensive training and certification in Italy. Italian stone work is legendary for a reason and the maintenance cannot be left to just anyone. Stone Restoration works is known for their high quality work and your project deserves nothing but the best. Granite, marble and other natural stone products must all be handled by people who know how to maintain and repair it. No matter how large or small the project we are there to help, from your granite counter top to a full restoration of a marble floor, Stone Restoration Technicians are the experts. Affordable natural stone care is our passion. We offer repairs, cleaning, polishing, protecting and restoration of all natural stone.

Stone Restoration Works uses only quality products and the best equipment to clean, polish and treat your marble, travertine, granite, limestone, slate and other natural stone surfaces to leave them in beautiful condition.

It’s about time your granite countertop, marble floor, or stone surface looks as beautiful as nature intended it to be. Here at Stone Restoration Works our master craftsmen use only top-of-the-line materials and equipment that are safe for your stone surface.

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Natural Stone Refinishing and Polishing, CO Stone Restoration Works

Our techniques are the same ones that have been used by Italian Master for centuries. We service all types of natural stones and concrete. Our process is free of corrosive acids and chemicals.

Natural Stone Refinishing and Polishing, CO Stone Restoration Works

We use a proven five-step process to turn back the clock on your stone, extending its life and keeping it as beautiful as it can possibly be for as long as possible.