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Shower Repair

Showers can sustain both grout and caulking damage. In these cases we remove the damaged material and replace it with a color matched product. In most cases the damage is minimal and is restricted to small areas. Usually wide scale grout damage does not persist. When it does, however, we replace all the grout in a shower to prevent more serious issues.

Water damage is one of the more serious issues we are trying to prevent when we repair and replace grout. A cracked grout line or damaged caulking can gradually allow moister to seep behind the tile and compromise shower wall. Water will de-bond tiles, saturate backing material and even compromise wall studs. When this happens we remove the loose and damaged tile, remove all rotted backing material and when required damaged support studs. Once the damaged material is removed it is replaced with quality replacement materials restoring the shower to a brand new condition.

Shower Services