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Granite Counter Tune-Up

The most basic granite service we offer at Stone Restoration Works is the granite countertop tune-up. The key to this process is understanding that most granite surfaces DO NOT need a heavy-duty restoration or replacement.

Granite, especially for kitchen counters, has become nearly universal in homes over the last 20 years because it is so durable. Which means, more often than not, all your countertop needs is a simple tune-up.

This tune-up includes:

These simple steps go a long way to making granite countertops look as close to brand new as possible.

We always prefer to evaluate countertops in person because IF there are issues that are beyond the tune-up procedure, we can identify those issues on site and discuss solutions with you. On site evaluations allow us to fully evaluate all surfaces and address concerns upfront.

A very common question is:
"How often should I 'reseal' my granite"

The best answer to this question is that – it’s up to you. You should call us when you’re not happy with the surface for any reason. Sealing on its own doesn’t necessarily provide you as the homeowner any benefit. Sealer alone cannot prevent chips, scratching and dullness from developing and can’t solve those issues if they occur. That’s why we address each of those issues in our tune-up and seal it at the end.

For some customers, re-service is yearly. But for A LOT of other customers, especially those with granite counters, re-service is done in a 5 year window. And there are some customers who may never have us back to re-service their granite counters. That timeline is up to you.

The final part of our service is to leave you with some guidance for ongoing maintenance.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting in person to discuss what needs to be done to get your granite counters back to their original beauty.

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