Stone Surface Honing

Honing describes any finish that does not meet the standards for a polish. While we can achieve any level of hone that a customer requests, we have broken honing into two categories. To compare a honed finish with a polish, per our definition, one would need a wider angle from a light source to see a reflection. The two levels of hone we offer are Matte and Satin.

Matte is the lowest level of hone, typically left at a 200 to 400 grit finish. This finish should look clean and even across the entire surface. Looking straight down from a standing position, light sources, if visible at all, will look to be a soft glow on the stone.

Satin is the next finish level and can be likened to as 1800grit finish. At this finish the angle to see a reflection is tighter. When looking straight down vague details of the light source may be discernable. (i.e. the outline of a ceiling light can or vague outline of a lightbulb)

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Some of the Stone Types We Work With

Stone Surface Honing, Matte and Satin Finishes, Stone Restoration

Our techniques are the same ones that have been used by Italian Master for centuries. We service all types of natural stones and concrete. Our process is free of corrosive acids and chemicals.

Stone Surface Honing, Matte and Satin Finishes, Stone Restoration

We use a proven five-step process to turn back the clock on your stone, extending its life and keeping it as beautiful as it can possibly be for as long as possible.